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24th Apr 2018

“Cyrus Is A N*****” – Disgraceful Bunch Of Racist Tweets Aimed At Irish Sports Star

Darragh Berry

Fulham And Republic of Ireland defender, Cyrus Christie has been the target of a whole host of racist tweets on Social Media.

Christie, who has played for our National Team on 17 occasions, scoring twice, stated that the tweets were pointed out to him on Social Media. 

He thanked people online “for showing and passing on the messages to me,” but admitted that it was “sad to see people are still resorting to racist slander.”

WARNING: The following images contain racist content that some readers may find disturbing. 

The first tweet was retweeted by Christie on his own account. The person who originally posted the tweet was one of the people that Christie thanked above.

Cyrus then posted the photos of the comments on his own page in a new tweet.

The second batch of tweets are more comments that were sent to Christie by fans who wanted to make him aware of the abuse.

“Cyrus is a N*****”.

“Monkey Cyrus” 

“Cotton Picker Cyrus”

“Cyrus is a Coon”

These were the disgraceful, racist tweets that were aimed at the Republic of Ireland international. 

It is not known where the comments came from, what set of football fans sent them or if they were sent from footballing fans at all. 

And what’s even more disgusting and sickening is that this is not the first time that Christie has been subjected to this sort of racial abuse.

After Ireland got knocked out in the play-offs by Denmark for the 2018 World Cup, Cyrus had to face trolls who aimed racial slurs in his direction.

He told Soccer Republic Extra at the time that: 

 “I’ve had worse in my time, I’ve had 10 times worse. It’s one of those, it still happens in this day and age.

“Whether or not stuff gets done about it, whether or not it changes, who knows? It was one of those, I take it and move on.

“The police were on, but whether something will get done or not, I don’t know. That’s just the way it is.

“A lot of the time when stuff like this happens, nothing really gets done. A lot of these people are hiding behind different profiles.

“I’ve had a lot worse growing up, when I was in school, so for me it was water off a duck’s back. I’ve moved on. I was more disappointed with the result than anything.

“If that’s what they want to resort to, they can, it’s sticks and stones at the end of the day. I’m not going to be too hurt by it.”

Nobody should ever have to put up with this despicable behaviour.