WATCH: France's Daniel Brennan Is Back And Sounding More Irish Than Ever

"Absolutely bloody delighted!"

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A couple of weeks back, Irish people sat up and took notice when a France rugby player stepped in front of the camera for a post-match interview.

Daniel Brennan and his team mates had just beaten Ireland by a score of 24-22 at the under-20 World Championships and if the young man's name sounds like he should have been wearing green instead of blue, there's a simple explanation.

19-year-old Daniel is the son of former Ireland international Trevor and even though he has been living in France since 2002, he hasn't lost his Irish lilt. Yesterday, Daniel was back in front of the mic after helping to clinch a semi-final victory over New Zealand and if anything he sounds more Irish than he did before.

Take a look below.

Daniel and his team mates will face England in Sunday's final. Imagine what his interview will be like if they win that.

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