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01st Dec 2022

Daniel O’Donnell warns fans not to engage with ‘fake’ Daniel account

Fiona Frawley

daniel o'donnell looking out into the distanceon a beach

The fake account has been posing as Daniel and targeting fans, asking them to live chat.

Daniel O’Donnell has issued a warning on his Facebook page, reminding fans not to engage with the ‘Daniel O’Donnell Live’ account “as it’s a fake account pretending to be a livechat”.

The beloved country singer has faced issues with hackers before, as fake accounts have contacted his fans in the past asking for “messages back”. In January of this year Daniel had to issue another warning, imploring people not to engage.

Many of you are getting messages asking you to message back either to me or to somebody in our office.

I just want you to know that the Facebook page is only ever used to put up messages or videos and we never ask you to message us back.

We don’t ever message anybody directly or ask you to private message us back.

Please don’t message anybody back as these people are only trying to take advantage of you. I don’t know whether they can extract money but it’s certainly not us so don’t answer any message like that.

In a separate scam, fraudsters contacted fans of the singer asking them to open up a folder in order to gain benefits as a registered member of the fanclub, and would then proceed to ask for a $100  Amazon card.

Daniel also faced issues with hackers during the pandemic, when an Instagram account impersonating him asked fans for money to help battle Covid-19.

He said at the time: “This is horrendous to see at this difficult time for everyone. I am absolutely appalled that criminals would take advantage of the good people of Ireland and my international fans to set up this fake account to make money.”

Be safe out there, DOD fans.

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