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14th May 2019

Did You Ever Bury Your Pet Hamster? It Might Have Actually Still Been Alive


All we can say is that we’re SO glad Facebook wasn’t around when we were kids, because if we’d seen all the hullaballoo that’s going on about hamster hibernation right now we’d have had a heart attack and refused to ever bury our pets.

Did you ever have a pet hamster that died? Sorry to tell you, it might not have actually been dead.


Hamsters apparently get too cold in the winter and go into hibernation – not moving and barely breathing for days

The Pet Site say that “during hibernation your pet’s metabolic rate will slow, and this can make it difficult to know whether it’s simply hibernating, or has become ill or died.”

Things all kicked off when an English woman shared her story of her hibernating hamster, warning people to double check for signs of life

Needless to say, people are feckin traumatised to think they might have buried their beloved pet alive.

Oh god. Poor Fluffy. I have horrific visions of him clawing his way out of that Nike shoe box in the back garden…

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