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14th Apr 2018

Did You Know You Can Get Your Lidl Shopping Delivered To Your Door?


Gather ’round folks, it’s story time at Lovin HQ. 

The beautiful tale of a very lazy gal (me) and an innovative Irish app that brings groceries straight to your door… It’s got a Disney re-make written all over it. 

Fairytales aside, this app is 100% real and it has genuinely made my life SO much easier. 

Buymie is a mobile app for On-Demand Groceries: you can order goods from a selection of local stores and have them delivered by a personal shopper in as little as one hour

It’s easy peasy. You put in your postcode (it’s only available in Dublin as of now, but here’s hoping it expands) and then a choice of stores pop up.

For me, it’s Tesco, my local butchers and a “German discounter” which is none other than Lidl. 

Simply add your products – note that you can only do an order from one store at a time – to your shopping cart and then choose from a one, two or three hour delivery timeframe. 

It’s GENIUS. Never carry heavy shopping bags home again. 

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Buymie adds a small mark up on the prices from the stores but it’s barely noticeable, around 10-15% so my shopping is usually €5 more expensive than it would be if I went myself. 

A delivery fee of €3.99 for three-hour delivery or €5.99 for one hour means you can have your haul in no time. 

Oh, and if the store is out of something you ordered they’ll even ring you and ask what you would like instead. It’s a Godsend, and worth every extra cent. 

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