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06th Nov 2019

New 25c levy set to be introduced on disposable coffee cups

Alan Fisher

Charges are being introduced on single-use coffee cups as well as a higher levy on plastic bags.

In phase one, a levy of up to 25c on single-use coffee cups will come in as well as a 3c rise on plastic bags, which will also bring that up to 25c.

This levy will apply to all single-use cups, even compostable ones, which will have clear benefits according to Richard Burton, “when you consider that 22,000 disposable coffee and tea cups are used every hour”.

Coffee shops will be asked to display prices for using a reusable cup, having a coffee in and the price for using a single-use cup.

On top of this, medium weight plastic bags will also be hit for the first time in this phase.

All of the money raised from these levies will be invested in environmental initiatives.

The second phase, which is set to be completed by the end of 2023, will include levies on takeaway containers.

A third phase will introduce charges on retail food packaging, such as plastic used for baked goods, fruit and vegetables.