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Dogs In Ireland Now Have Their Very Own Public Toilets

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We can all agree that dogs are beautiful in every way, and to even see a dog on your walk home makes you #blessed.

But we can also all agree that picking up their poo is not the greatest thing in the world. 

We still love ’em, though! Swear.

And then there’s the issue of people who don’t clean up after their dogs, or who can’t find bags in which to dispose their furry little friend’s production. 

But if you live in Dingle, they’ve got you sorted.

Dingle Tidy Towns have recently installed several Dog Toilets across the town. 

The toilets, which are currently on a trial basis, provide dog and dog owners with the space to go to the toilet peacefully and cleanly. 

So if you’re down in Dingle with your dog, why not give them a try!

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