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15th Nov 2022

Dogs Trust call for tougher punishments for ‘cruel’ puppy farmers

Fiona Frawley

pictures side by side of a white and brown dog

The charity has spent over €60,000 on veterinary care for victims of puppy farming.

Dog welfare charity Dogs Trust is calling for tougher punishments for those responsible for puppy farming, claiming that the current ‘meagre’ fines would ‘hardly make a dent’ into a puppy farmers’ profits.

As Christmas ebbs closer – no doubt a busy season for puppy farmers, Dogs Trust have unveiled an ad campaign and petition appealing to the Department of Justice for tougher punishments. The charity believe that puppy farmers ‘will never stop their cruel practices until they are made to stop’. They say that current fines pale in comparison to the farmers profits.

Referring to recent fines of €2,000, Dogs Trust say “one litter of pups from a helpless mum could pay this fine over and over, hardly making a dent into the puppy farmers’ profits”.

The charity hopes that harsher punishments will deter puppy farmers from continuing their business, which they describe as a ‘life sentence’ for dogs.

The petition has currently garnered 740 signatures – the charity are looking for 1,000 which they will no doubt surpass.

If you’d like to sign the petition and learn more about the work Dogs Trust do to combat the impacts of puppy farming, you can do so HERE.

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