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Drinking On Trains Now Banned From Heuston Station To These Two Stations

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The days of a few tinnies on the train could be coming to an end as Irish Rail has announced it has banned drinking on two routes from Heuston.

The alcohol ban will come into effect on four train services in total which all run from Dublin’s main station.

Complaints of anti-social behaviour had been high on these services and the ban will be put in place for every Friday starting from October 12.

The routes affected are the 11:25am, 1:25pm and 5:35pm services from Heuston Station to Galway and the 2.45pm service to Westport every Friday also.

Alcohol will not be sold onboard and any alcohol found on your person will be confiscated immediately.

This is of course, not the first time that Irish rail have issued a drinking ban on their services.

Other routes which are alcohol free are the 1:15pm and 3.10pm services to Waterford from Heuston every Friday as well as the 12:40pm, 3:10 and 6:05 return services from The Déise.

It’s also, not the first Galway route to have this happen, the 1pm service from Galway to Heuston is also alcohol free.

You can find more information on the Irish Rail website here.

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