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26th Jan 2018

Drogheda Man Accused Of Attempting To Murder Man Twice In One Day


A 22-year-old-man is on trial for allegedly attempting to murder a man twice in one day in November 2016. 

98FM are reporting that Paul Crosby from Drogheda, Co. Louth, is accused of the attempted murder and false imprisonment of victim Gerard Boyle. 

It’s reported that Mr. Crosby and two others drove to Mr. Boyle’s house in Drogheda where they then all drove to a location under Boyne Valley Bridge before transferring into a different car. 

Mr. Crosby was driving but at some point in the journey Mr. Boyle took over the wheel. The accused sat behind the driver’s seat and allegedly stabbed the 21-year-old before putting him in the boot of the car, driving a short distance and dumping Mr. Boyle into the Boyne Canal.

Despite being stabbed 28 times, the victim somehow managed to escape and swam to safety where a passing motorist raised the alarm for help.

Mr. Crosby denies all charges and the trial continues.