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12th Jan 2022

DSPCA partners with charity that allows sick children to see their pets while in hospital

Katy Thornton

golden labrador smiling with a red bandana on

And we’re in floods of tears when it comes to this story.

This is a heartwarming story altogether. The DSPCA has partnered up with Cian’s Kennels to begin this new initiative that allows sick children to receive visits from their pets while undergoing treatment.

Cian’s Kennels began with the bond between 15 year old Cian and his golden Labrador Cooper. When Cian was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma, Cooper was the main thing that kept the family going, right up until Cian sadly passed away in 2019.  It was Cian’s family’s experience that inspired them to begin the charity Cian’s Kennels, that allows visits between sick children and their pets.

This is just a snippet of Cian and Cooper’s backstory.

When in hospital, Cian pined for Cooper. With the support and goodwill of many people and organizations, we managed to bring Cooper to Dublin and base him in kennels near the hospital. Cian visited Cooper most days, and we cannot overstate the positive impact this had for Cian.”

As a result, more work is being done to allow sick children to reunite with their pets while hospitalised. There is work being done in Crumlin hospital to build an area for families and pets, to allow for that extra level of support. For those pets with families that need to be in the hospital, the DSPCA Pet Hotel can keep them overnight in between visits. Cian’s Kennels will then transfer them between the hotel and the hospital “so they can carry out their very important work; bringing comfort and love to sick little children”.

If you want to support Cian’s Kennels, or learn more about the charity, you can do so HERE.

Header image via Instagram/dspcaadoptions

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