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16th Aug 2018

Dublin Students Sent Home Over “Knife Incident” At Irish College This Summer

Darragh Berry

The Irish Examiner has said that two Dublin students from an exclusive fee-paying school have been allegedly involved in a knife incident.

The incident took place at an Irish college in Mayo during the summer.

The two boys in question were attending Coláiste Uisce, a water Sports Irish college.

According to sources, one of the boys threatened the other with a knife in the dormitory accommodation and both were sent home.

Ciaran O’Murchu, who is behind Coláiste Uisce said that to the publication: “I regret to inform you that I simply cannot comment on any matters which might relate to any student(s) in our Colaiste.”

The school’s policy states that:

“In the case of misconduct the following warning system applies. On each offence the student receives a verbal warning from the course principal. On the 2nd warning the parents (or person responsible) will be phoned and asked to talk to their child. On the 3rd warning the student will be sent home. An appeal procedure is available for all parent & students.

“The management of Coláiste USICE reserve the right to conduct searches of student’s bags, personal belongings or students bedrooms in the following circumstances:

• If there is reasonable belief that the student is in possession of prohibited items, stolen goods, illegal substances or weapons.