Ed Sheeran Rushed To Hospital After Princess Cut His Face With A Sword

This could be the weirdest thing you'll ever read

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In a bizarre turn of events at a Christmas party, Princess Beatrice sliced open Ed Sheeran's face as she pretended to 'knight' James Blunt with a sword. 

Notions upon notions upon notions. 

Oh, to be a royal. 

The Sun reports that Princess Beatrice is said to have misjudged the weight of the sword and in an attempt to 'knight' Blunt she swung the sword behind her, slicing open Ed Sheeran's upper cheek, just below his eye. 

And that wound is looking pretty fresh. 

Ed was rushed to hospital for stitches. And Beatrice is said to have been "inconsolable". 

Understandably. I mean, it's Ed Sheeran for the love of God...

Don't try this at home kids.

Sheeran was treated at a nearby hospital, but later returned to the party... like the trooper that he is. 

But yes, still bizarre.

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