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31st Aug 2018

Someone Has Won The Jackpot in Ireland As Numbers For €36m EuroMillions Are Drawn

Darragh Berry

So the fact that someone has won the jackpot in Ireland might be overshadowed by the fact that Donald Trump has just announced that he’s coming to Ireland.

But who knows, if you have that lucky ticket it’d be some story to tell the grandkids – the year was 2018, Trump was coming to Ireland…

Okay back on track, someone in Ireland has won the EuroMillions Plus jackpot as the numbers for the €36m Euromillions were drawn.

The winner of the plus draw walks away with a cool €500,000 and the numbers in that were: 5, 7, 8, 9, 17

There was no big Irish winner in the main draw but one person did manage to match five numbers and picked up a tidy €7,000.

The numbers in that draw were: 4, 30, 31, 38, 42 and lucky stars 4 and 6

If you’ve had no luck in them, however, you may have won something on the €5,000 Irish only raffle numbers which are:

  • I-FBM-46398
  • I-FDR-16500
  • I-FDR-73099
  • I-FDR-87343
  • I-FDR-94431
  • I-FDS-62658
  • I-FDS-76332
  • I-FDV-34688
  • I-FDW-28165
  • I-FDW-81599

Get checking those tickets, folks.