Every 18-Year-Old In Europe Will Be Given A FREE Interrailing Ticket

If only we could pretend we were 18...

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Plans for every 18-year-old living in the European Union to get a free Interrail train ticket have finally been passed and will be rolled out with a pilot scheme this year. 

The Lonely Planet have reported that the free tickets will be fully introduced across Europe by 2020 when all teens will get the ticket on their 18th birthday. 

The Interrail tickets allow people to have unlimited travel across the rail network in Europe for a set amount of time, in this case three weeks. 

Travel in Latvia, Cyprus and Malta will also be included in the birthday scheme. 

MEP Manfred Weber, one of the politicians who campaigned for the idea, told the European Parliament that the aim of the scheme is to allow European youth ‘to discover the beauty and diversity of Europe over three weeks within a two-year period.’

An Interrail pass enables people to travel between 30 different countries with prices for 12-27-year-olds starting at €283. 

We WISH this had been introduced when we were turning 18...

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