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26th Jul 2021

Everything you need to know about the reopening of indoor dining and associated guidelines

Fiona Frawley

After seven months of no service, or over a year in some cases, restaurants and bars across Ireland will re-open their doors today for indoor dining.

A long awaited moment for the Irish hospitality sector as some establishments begin the re-opening of their indoor dining facilities. Up until this weekend, only provisional guidance had been given on indoor dining as outlined by the Restaurants Association of Ireland as below :

However, according to The Irish Independent , two last-minute changes to these guidelines were made to this list late last night. In addition to the previously confirmed guidelines CEO of The RAI, Adrian Cummins confirmed additional measures on Twitter:

  • Contact tracing is now only required for one guest at a table with a group, and for solo customers
  • Designated tables have been removed, so businesses are not obliged to keep a record of what table a customer sits at.

Full guidance on current Covid measures being taken for the return of indoor dining can be found HERE .

Header image via Shutterstock