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06th Nov 2017

Family Devastated After Beloved Pet Cat Is Found Decapitated

James Fenton

A spate of catnappings up and down the country in recent weeks has culminated in some heartbreaking news released yesterday evening. 

Last month, Newry-based pet shop Pet Connection created this map which points out where cats have gone missing and while the incidents originated in the north, they had spread down as far as Dublin and beyond.

Yesterday, the same pet shop posted on Facebook that a cat called Mylo from the Portadown area had been found decapitated by her heartbroken family.

The post reads:

“Unfortunately we have some heartbreaking news today.

“Wee Mylo was found decapitated this morning, not far from her beloved family’s home. This was not a result of a car accident, and believed not to be an attack by another animal, but of a malicious killer who has severely impacted on a family’s life for no reason.

“Illegal, immoral and absolutely disgusting.

“This was in the Portadown area, but judging by our ongoing research into the missing cats, this could happen anywhere.

“Mylo’s little body was found by her heartbroken family. She had only left the house a few hours before she was discovered, on a busy path, in broad daylight at 11am.

“I believe this shows the level of evil we are dealing with. Whoever did this had no qualms about destroying a life, to the point that they did so where they could so easily have been caught.

“We do not want to take away from Mylo’s heartbreaking tale by saying too much else, but if you need advice on keeping cats inside, please contact us.

“In an ideal world our cats could use their legal right to roam, but it seems we may be surrounded by people who think they are above the law.

“If your cat is missing, please report it it here. 

“Beautiful little Mylo, we will not let you be forgotten.”

A number of Facebook users expressed their anger under the post with comments ranging from “pure evil”, “scum the earth” and “disgusting, evil, pathetic excuses for humans.”

(header image: Pet Connection on Facebook)

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