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23rd Dec 2016

10 Gifts Everyone Has Received From Their Granny For Christmas


Christmas is a wonderful time in which we share precious memories with friends and family, but we all know it’s about the presents. It’s all about the presents.

Some family members and friends are usually quite good and can be relied upon for a top notch gift, but there are others who leave a lot to be desired. Granny will always fall into the latter category, but we still love her for trying her best.

Here’s the ten things that ALL of our grandmothers have bought for us at least once during the festive period.

1. Socks

In fairness to granny, she can’t go wrong with this one. Everyone needs socks, they are a staple of human existence, and the annual supply provided by her lasts us for the rest of the year, so we don’t have to bother buying them ourselves. Top marks.

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Credit: Shutterstock/Kryshov

2. Scratchcards

I don’t know what it is about old age and a belief that a great fortune is somewhat well deserved, but granny definitely has a feeling that she can turn five quid into 500 with a trusty scratchcard. We don’t even mind that she usually scratches it herself.

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Credit: Shutterstock/Lenscap Photography

3. Slippers

Granny obviously has a thing about feet. She wants to make sure our feet are warm and cosy and she will stop at nothing until she achieves her objective. Even if she never saw you wearing last year’s ones once.

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Credit: Shutterstock/BL91

4. Lynx Africa sets

Are you really an Irish male if granny has not bought you a Lynx Africa set for Christmas? I mean, it has BOTH deodorant and shower gel, what is there not to love?

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Credit: Shutterstock/chrisdorney

5. Selection Boxes

It doesn’t matter if we’ve recently turned 35 and have two kids of our own, granny will still reckon that we need a few Curly Wurlys to ensure Christmas is a memorable one.


6. Cold hard cash

“Buy yourself a few penny chews for yourself there,” granny says. Off you go down to the pub that night and the 10 euro note buys you a couple of pints. To granny!


7. Restaurant vouchers

This is the smart granny. She recognises that she just has no idea what you like or what’s cool these days, and realises that people will always need food.

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Credit: Shutterstock/stockcreations

8. The worst shirt/dress/t-shirt you’ve ever seen

“Granny thank you so much it’s soooooo nice! I’ll wear that out on New Year’s Eve so.” *throws to back of wardrobe when granny leaves*

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Credit: Shutterstock/Lisa S

9. Pyjamas

Granny is surprisingly good at choosing your night-time/weekend attire, always seeming to buy seriously comfortable onesies or pyjama bottoms. She was young and lazy once too.

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Credit: Shutterstock/Christopher Gardiner

10. DVDs

Granny just started giving these out as Christmas presents the year that they were rendered obsolete, but she’s still talking about how much the world has changed because of them.

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Credit: Shutterstock/Radu Berkan

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