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06th Jun 2017

14 Times That An ‘A’ In Leaving Cert Irish Is Going To Come In Super Handy


The amount of students picking higher level Irish has gone up due to the shift in the curriculum from learning off stories to oral skills, meaning that the Irish language is actually growing in popularity. 

This is great news for all involved, and even more reason to get stuck back into Peig, and have the odd gander at Ros na Rún every so often. 

For those of you who’ve already nailed it, well done! Here are all the ways this skill will benefit you in your day-to-day life. 

1. When TG4’s Aifric is looking for extras

Hollywood, here you come!

Aifric 770X434

2. When you’re in a foreign country and want to bitch about everyone around you



3. When you’re stuck in Connemara with nothing but Tinder

It could happen.

200 1

4. When you’re strolling along Grafton Street and bump into Seo Linn

A likely situation. 

5. When RTÉ shuts down and you flick over to TG4 for the Nuacht

Who’s laughing now?! 

6. If you want to enter the Rose of Tralee and flirt with Daithí

Grace may get you the crown, but Gaeilge will get you O’Sé.


7. If you ever want to Netflix & Chill with Michael D

A purveyor of an Ghaeilge, Michael D is all about craic, ceol and being cúl as you like. Chill with him, and you’ll be watching re-runs of Paisean Faisean.

8. When you want to swear badly but you’re in front of your grandparents and you don’t want them to think you’re a bloody brat

Ding ding, lightbulb!

9. If you ever want to make peace between two nations

You know, no big deal.

10. If you want to skip the queue in the bank by going to the Irish speaking teller

For all the times you want to say “so I spent all my money on Jägerbombs last night and I need you to help me not die in the next three weeks” in Irish.

200 2

11. If you want to do your driving test tomorrow

You can request an Irish speaking instructor.

200 3

12. If you want to join the Rubber Bandits

Apparently you need a C3 in honours at least.

13. For when you want to make golden puns like this one

Can’t do that as Béarla.

14. And finally, for when Harry Potter books sell out in a number of seconds, but you’ve got plenty to choose from…

H Piddy abú.

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