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12 Things That Are Guaranteed To Piss Every Irish Person Off

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1. Referring to us as British

That includes Conor McGregor, Katie Taylor, Saoirse Ronan or any of our other famous faces. 

2. Asking us to say ‘thirty-three and a third’

We won’t.

3. Giving us a woeful cup of tea

How very dare you.

4. Or a bad pint


5. Telling us that your great-great-great-great grandparents were Irish

Were they, yeah?

6. And not knowing what county they came from


7. Saying ‘top of the morning’

We have never EVER said that.

8. Or ‘to be sure’


9. Saying ‘Patty’s Day’ instead of ‘Paddy’s Day’

What are you doing?

10. Doing an impression of us 

Just don’t.

11. Slagging off our weather

Yes, it’s shite but it’s ours.

12. And finally, calling last orders.

Several pints for the road?

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