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22nd Dec 2016

13 Of The Most Re-Giftable Presents To Give This Christmas


Still haven’t done your Christmas shopping? You don’t need to! The much sought-after skill of re-gifting is very much alive and well this festive season.

According to the survey conducted by recycling firm Repak, 85% of us have re-gifted a present at some point.

Two thirds of the people who responded to the survey said that they would be passing a parcel they once received.

Seeing as it’s most likely that we’ll end up re-gifting at least one item this Christmas then here’s a list of the best items to pass onto your (un)loved ones.

1. A bottle of wine

The beauty of wine is that it gets better the longer you leave it. So technically speaking, the present is just gaining value each time we re-wrap it and gift it to someone else.

Just make sure it hasn’t been opened!

Giphy 2

2. A box of chocolates

They say “life is like a box of chocolates. You just never know what you’re going to get.”

Ehh, not really. You’re ninety-nine percent sure you’ll be re-receiving the tin of Roses that you got aunty Mary last Christmas.

Giphy 3

3. Books

Cookbooks are a favourite in this category. Autobiographies from Z-list celebrities do well here too.

If you’re really skilled at re-gifting you could read the book and present it as a gift a whole year later.

Provided you finish it within a year.

Giphy 4

4. A pair of socks

One size fits all?

Giphy 5

5. Board games

The key of getting this right is to not take the plastic off. A very achievable re-gift though.

Everyone deserves their own Buckaroo set.

Giphy 6

6. Gift cards

Possibly the easiest re-gift out there for you re-gift newbies.

Ensure that you haven’t spent any of the credit on the card yet!

Giphy 7

7. Candles

And you can give them to absolutely anyone. Even your dad.

Giphy 8

8. Perfume and aftershave

You could definitely spray a spritz or two before you passed it on. They would be none the wiser!

Giphy 9

9. Kitchen appliances

That toaster you got from your mother, the coffee maker from your ex-boyfriend and the George Foreman stuffed into the high press above the fridge are ideal re-giftable pressies.

Saving you dolla and spreading delicious cheese toasties with the world one George Foreman grill at a time too.

Giphy 10

10. Toiletries

Any of those bathroom gift sets are ideal for re-gifting. 

Who needs 13 body lotions anyway?

Giphy 11

11. DVDs and CDs

To be fair, who buys these nowadays? Maybe someone will appreciate the fact that you’re giving them a vintage present this year.

If you’re feeling really wild, try re-gifting a floppy disk.

Giphy 12

12. Picture frames

The trick to getting this one right is to ensure that their are no photos in the frame. A difficult step but once executed correctly a picture is truly a seamless re-gift.

Giphy 13

13. Gift baskets

They look fancy and if you’re very skilled at re-gifting then why not place all items to be re-gifted in a hamper and stick a bow on the top?

Giphy 14

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