13 Of The Most Re-Giftable Presents To Give This Christmas

By una

December 22, 2016 at 11:03am

13 Of The Most Re-Giftable Presents To Give This Christmas

Still haven't done your Christmas shopping? You don't need to! The much sought-after skill of re-gifting is very much alive and well this festive season.

According to the survey conducted by recycling firm Repak, 85% of us have re-gifted a present at some point.

Two thirds of the people who responded to the survey said that they would be passing a parcel they once received.

Seeing as it's most likely that we'll end up re-gifting at least one item this Christmas then here's a list of the best items to pass onto your (un)loved ones.

1. A bottle of wine

The beauty of wine is that it gets better the longer you leave it. So technically speaking, the present is just gaining value each time we re-wrap it and gift it to someone else.

Just make sure it hasn't been opened!

2. A box of chocolates

They say "life is like a box of chocolates. You just never know what you're going to get."

Ehh, not really. You're ninety-nine percent sure you'll be re-receiving the tin of Roses that you got aunty Mary last Christmas.

3. Books

Cookbooks are a favourite in this category. Autobiographies from Z-list celebrities do well here too.

If you're really skilled at re-gifting you could read the book and present it as a gift a whole year later.

Provided you finish it within a year.

4. A pair of socks

One size fits all?

5. Board games

The key of getting this right is to not take the plastic off. A very achievable re-gift though.

Everyone deserves their own Buckaroo set.

6. Gift cards

Possibly the easiest re-gift out there for you re-gift newbies.

Ensure that you haven't spent any of the credit on the card yet!

7. Candles

And you can give them to absolutely anyone. Even your dad.

8. Perfume and aftershave

You could definitely spray a spritz or two before you passed it on. They would be none the wiser!

9. Kitchen appliances

That toaster you got from your mother, the coffee maker from your ex-boyfriend and the George Foreman stuffed into the high press above the fridge are ideal re-giftable pressies.

Saving you dolla and spreading delicious cheese toasties with the world one George Foreman grill at a time too.

10. Toiletries

Any of those bathroom gift sets are ideal for re-gifting. 

Who needs 13 body lotions anyway?

11. DVDs and CDs

To be fair, who buys these nowadays? Maybe someone will appreciate the fact that you're giving them a vintage present this year.

If you're feeling really wild, try re-gifting a floppy disk.

12. Picture frames

The trick to getting this one right is to ensure that their are no photos in the frame. A difficult step but once executed correctly a picture is truly a seamless re-gift.

13. Gift baskets

They look fancy and if you're very skilled at re-gifting then why not place all items to be re-gifted in a hamper and stick a bow on the top?

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