13 Ways To Keep Warm While Getting Out Of Bed In The Morning

The cold never bothered you anyway

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Life gets pretty tough past September in Ireland.

The sun goes down and never comes back up, your toes are constantly freezing, and your cheeks may potentially turn black and fall off. 

But hey, at least there's bed. Right?

Right. So we've put together a list of the easiest ways to keep that body heat in on these cold, cold winter nights. 

1. Keep your dressing gown beside the bed



2. Put your socks on the radiator 

The best thing in the world. 

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3. Download climote

The heat-controlling app that will absolutely change your life

4. Get your hands on a heated toilet seat

The future is now. 

5. Put the kettle beside your bed

It's so much easier to get out of bed when you have a cup of tea or a hot water bottle in your hands. 

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6. Slippers, slippers, slippers

Buy some soft, slip on cheap ones from Penneys and dot them around your house. Your freezing toes will thank us. 


7. Put some spice in your coffee/tea

Get your body moving first thing. 

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8. Invest in some Deep Heat pads

Toasty warm bandages. For your body. And your face.

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9. Set a timer on the central heating

Saving us all since the dawn of time.

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10. Light a peppermint candle

The scent of peppermint candles invigorate us and make it easier for us to jump out of bed and kick-start the day. 

No, really. 

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11. Decide what to wear the night before 

Who wants to dilly dally in the nip in the freezing morning air?! 

Not us. 

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12. Buy an electric blanket

The best things in the whole entire world. You'll never look back. 

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13. Or just... Stay in bed

I mean... Will they ever know?

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