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16 Debs Styles We All Used to Swear By

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Ahhh, the Debs.

The days of big hair, bigger dresses and stretch Hummers, all kitted out with Playboy bunny stickers. A true turning point for all young adults, and a masterclass in how to sneak in naggins. 

Have a gander below, to see if you, too, were you a victim of Debs culture.

(Hint: the answer is yes. Yes you were.)

1. Shawls

So. Many. Shawls. 

Or stoles, if you're fancy.

Wedding Dresses  Chiffon Floor Length Straight Neck Evening Dress With Shawl 1

Photo cred:

2. Corsets

Because why would you stick to modern styles when you can go medieval on the world and not breathe for up to eight hours?

Looking to take a trip down memory lane? Buy it here.

New AssetFile

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3. Kitten heels

A bad time for feet everywhere.

1915733 199326221705 2615269 N

4. Debs hair

Going into your local hairdressers and telling them you were going to your debs meant one thing and one thing only: you were going to leave crying.

Il 570X N 377350683 R1N0

Photo cred: Etsy

5. Shrugs

Yep, those teeny tiny cardigans that looked like half a jumper and made everyone question their existence.

A good time to have shoulders.

Il Fullxfull 792904158 70Wu

Photo cred: Etsy

6. Tiaras

Perfect for the modern-day baby bride.

4 1

Photo cred:

7. Patchy, patchy tan

Back in the day, before fake tan tutorials and spray tans were invented, young debutantes tried their hands at applying the dark liquid mess to their pale skin, using the back of a sock.

This ended poorly.

3891147 Orig

Photo cred:

8. Matching ties to dresses

Because, was there really any other way?


Photo cred:

9. Communion-esque bags

Drawstring or no. 

Silver Drawstring Bag

Photo cred:

10. Guys used up a bottle of gel every two hours

Or even worse, wax. 

David Schwimmer As Ross Geller

11. French manicured nails

Be there and be square!


Photo cred: Pinterest

12. Hair jewels

Because there's no such thing as too much diamanté.

Yhst 128164662011797 2264 1469715857

Photo cred:

13. Diamond chokers as big as your neck could carry

Go hard or go home.

And cry. 

Over your bruised neck.

Diamond Choker Sold At Christies

Photo cred:

14. The Holy Bible

Let us go now in peace, and Sally Hansen our legs accordingly. 



Photo cred:

15. Gloves

Because who doesn't want to look like they're dusting for prints?


Il Fullxfull 323796513

Photo cred: Etsy

16. And finally: shiny shiny satin

In all the colours of the rainbow.

Debs Group 600

Photo cred:

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