16 Photos That Show How Beautiful County Waterford Really Is

Here's why you need to visit...

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Oh, Waterford.

Known by many names such as The Gentle County and The Lake County to name a few, this place is a haven to everyone who is lucky enough to live there.

Do yourself a favour and book a staycation to the beautiful city of Waterford – these pictures should be enough to convince you.

1. Because this is what the average town looks like 

You know, super casual.

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2. And this is what you'll stumble upon on an evening stroll

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3. These are your neighbours

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4. This is a typical local business

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5. Because Enid Blyton could've written stories about it

In her sleep.

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6. And we weren't kidding about how sweet the gaffs are...

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7. Entering the sea looks like a low-key entrance to heaven

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8. Where the possibilities are endless...

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9. And the world's your oyster


10. Sunsets look like that

Seriously. Come on.

Ke That

11. Everywhere you look is somewhere superbly gorgeous

12. It manages to marry traditional and modern with ease

All the amenities of a new city, with all the charm of an old one.


13. And childhood spots look just as beautiful as they did in your youth

14. The streets are paved with creativity

Remember we said that there's something to look at at every turn? You thought we were lying, didn't you...

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15. Sometimes it seems like you're in The Lion King

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16. And there's always, always that little bit of magic in the sky

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