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5 Clever Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Gaff

By Alana Laverty

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Have you become a landlord to a family of spiders who don't pay rent?

You're not the only one. 

The spider epidemic is spreading across Ireland... 

But here's how you can combat them, one creepy crawly at a time. 

1. Burn oils 

Not just any oils... essential oils.

Dilute oils like peppermint, tea tree or eucalyptus with some water and put them in a spray bottle and spritz them around window and doorways – creepy crawlies hate these oils.

Burning them in an oil burner throughout the day will also help.

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2. Get your citrus on

Not only will you be getting your daily dose of vitamin C and ward off the flu, but spiders actually hate anything citrus-y so you could also dilute orange or lemon juice in water and spray it about the place, or leave the peels on windowsills. 

Orange and lemon scented candles should also keep them at bay. 

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3. Get a cat

This one shouldn't need convincing, or explaining, 'cos cats are great.

Spiders hate cats. And cats love spiders. Love playing and torturing them, so it's a win-win. You get a new best friend and soul mate, and your kitty will banish all the eight legged freaks!

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4. Vinegar

If your oils and oranges ain't working and you need to get the big guns out, then vinegar is about to become your new, strong-smelling best friend. 

Again, dilute and spray about your gaff. It'll smell funky but keep spiders the fuck away. 

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5. Tidy your gaff

You messy mong. 

Spiders love to tuck themselves away in a nook or cranny, and where there's mess there is plenty of hiding places. 

Clear excess shit out, tidy under your bed and put aways all clutter and clothing – don't be a landlord to a spider family. 

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