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6 Deadly Apps to Download For Fitness Lovers

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


There are so many things our phones, laptops, iPods and even watches can do, that we haven't yet taken full advantage of.

Ever thought your phone could track your sleep, or count your calories, or personally select running tunes? Us neither.

Read on and educate yourself, you'll be fitter before you know it...

1. Fitnet

What is it? This is the number one app for those of you who feel like they just can't fit trips to the gym into their already busy timetable.

Why is it so good? Fitnet customises and personalises 5 minute workouts designed to work for any schedule, skill level, or location. There are over 200 to choose from, allowing you to feel like you have a personal trainer with you whether you're at home, at work or away.

How much? Nada.

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2. My Fitness Pal

What is it? My Fitness Pal is one of the most popular fitness and calorie counter apps in the world, and - it's easy to see why.

Why is it so good? In the app, you can scan in all the foods you eat, water you drink, exercise you do and every other element of your day - and it calculates and shows you how you're doing, fitness wise. Whether you need to eat more, eat less, drink water or move more. A simple way to keep on track.

How much? Zero.

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3. Spotify Running

What is it? Part of the Spotify app, which most of you will already have on your phone, has a running section, which measures your pace and picks a song with the correct beats per minute to match it.

Why is it so good? Basically, your music is matched to your cadence instead of the other way around. Spurring you on to go further, as well as providing the best run possible.

How much? €0.00

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4. Eat Slower

What is it? Eating too quickly is something the vast majority of us are guilty of, be it to do with busy lives, hunger or coming from a large family. Eat Slower helps you to slow down your eating habits in a very easy manner.

Why is it so good? Eating slower has been shown to enhance the enjoyment of your meal, boost satiety, and, ultimately, result in eating less, naturally. If you tend to eat fast, use the app to work your way up from 30 or 45 seconds between bites all the way up to three minutes. You'll surprise yourself.

How much? Nothing at all.

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5. Diet Point Weight Loss

What is it? Named the #1 diet plan app in the world, Diet Point Weight Loss is designed to provide comprehensive, individualised weight loss solutions looking to drop a few pounds.

Why is it so good? Upon downloading, you have the ability to select from a surplus of 150 diet plans, including, the Mediterranean Diet, Paleo Diet, Raw Food Diet, High Fibre Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Vegan Diet and Low Carb/Fat Diets. Users also gain access to the Diet Point community, allowing people to swap tips and tricks, as well as gain fitness friends to stay motivated.

How much? Zilch.

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6. SleepBot 

What is it? Sleep is important, and often never monitored. Because, well, you're asleep. But SleepBot is basically a sleep cycle tracker, letting you know just how well you get on during the night.

Why is it so good? SleepBot wakes you within a 30-minute window of your set alarm time, choosing the time when it seems easiest for you to get up. You can then rate your sleep and add some notes. The app then breaks down statistics for each day, and you can even go back and listen to audio recorded throughout the night.

How much? As free as the day is long, my friends.

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