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20th Dec 2016

6 Deadly Places To Eat And Drink If You’re Visiting Killarney


Oh, Killarney. The shining jewel in the royal crown that is Kerry. 

Killarney is one of the most perfect holiday destinations in the whole of Ireland, and is one of those places that will always, always leave you wanting more. 

Upon arrival in The Kingdom, your brain may go into euphoria due to the sheer beauty of it all – and you may not be able to consider where you should go to nourish yourself. With this in mind, we’ve only gone and done the work for you.

So here’s our pick of the best spots to dine in when in the land of the Ring.

1. Rozzers 

Cracking food, meticulously selected wine menu and super staff – Rozzers has you covered for the dreamiest of nights out in the metropolis that is Killarney. The owners are incredibly passionate restauranteurs, and this can be seen in their stellar menu.

Can be considered a little pricey, but definitely, definitely worth it.

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2. Bricin

When you go to a pub and The Ring of Kerry is on its doorstep, you know you’ve done pretty bloody well.

Known as having the best boxty (potato cakes) in Ireland, Bricin is as much of a favourite with locals as it is with tourists – meaning you know it’s legit. 

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3. The Laurels Pub

Some of the best Guinness in whole of the Kingdom. Promise. 

Super cosy, friendly bar staff and an atmosphere that feels like home. The Laurels ticks pretty much every box.

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4. Quinlan’s Seafood Bar

Looking for the freshest, tastiest catch of the day in Kerry? Look no further than Quinlan’s.

This is where you get your fish and chip fix after spending the day meandering through the breathtaking countryside. But plan in advance, the line outside can be a mile long – an indicator of just how crispy, light and perfect their produce is. 

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5. O’Connors Traditional Pub

Located on Killarney’s high street, O’Connors is a tourist’s dream.

A great venue for all things Irish. Traditional music, theatre, stand up and poetic readings. The entertainment starts up at around 9pm each night, and goes on until the wee hours. 

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6. Cellar One

A delicious, yet affordable, menu. Their midweek deal is two courses and a cocktail for just €25 per person – and don’t think for a second that this means their food is merely average. 

The venue is elegant, the service is exceptional, but it’s the food that’s the clear winner. Meticulous attention to detail, brilliant flavours and beautifully presented dishes. Bravo Cellar One, you’ve nailed it.

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