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20th Dec 2016

6 Places To Eat Or Drink In If You’re Visiting Galway


There isn’t a person in Ireland who doesn’t swoon with a mix of excitement and pure unadulterated joy at the mention of Galway.

Whether your only experience with the county is a trip to the Gaeltacht or a drunken affair at the races, Galway ignites a spark in people that they never knew existed – and it’s a feeling you won’t forget any time soon. 

We’ve picked out some of the best spots you should hit up if you decide to venture to the land of the tribesmen soon… 

1. Ard Bia Nimmos

Ard Bia is the best place for brunch in Galway. Their menu caters for everyone and anyone, with a plethora of seafood, vegetarian options and delicious meaty options. 

Their organic lemonades literally melt away hangovers, as do their delightful staff and the smell of their freshly baked bread is the most welcoming scent you could ever dream of. 

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2. Biteclub

Biteclub wings are the stuff of legends. Their menu is decadent and delicious – with healthier options for those of you looking to be good to yourself too.

Plus they do alcoholic slushies. 


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3. Kai Café and Restuarant

Kai changes their menu daily – but fret not, the options are always absolutely wicked. The perfect spot to sit down with a cuppa and a treat that’s made fresh every morning. 

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4. McDonagh’s 

Because what else do you eat beside the sea other than fish and chips? McDonagh’s boast the tastiest and the best. You’ll only be sad that there isn’t one back home. 

They also have a sensational seafood menu in the restaurant if you’re keen for a sit down meal. But get the fish and chips – just get them. 

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5. Lana

Galway’s answer to delicious Asian street food. All of their food is cooked fresh to order, with no MSG or artificial flavours, so it’s all just natural goodness. 

And as Lana says themselves, it’s just ‘ridiculously good food’. 

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6. Bierhaus

Bierhaus is a friendly craft beer pub serving all sorts of beers and some properly deadly cocktails. 

Set up by two young beer aficionados, Bierhaus boasts one of the best atmospheres of the city, enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. The menu choice is wicked, with a definite oriental twist, as well as the option to grab sandwiches and lighter bits if you’re just stopping in for a bite.

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