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20th Dec 2016

6 Great Places To Tuck Into Chicken Wings In Cork


Ain’t no thang like a chicken wang, right? Yes, we are right. Because they’re the best. 

And while The Pale seems to have an endless supply of the saucy bird limbs on offer, the Real Capital has some positively cracking spots to pick them up.

Now all you have to do is choose one…

1. Brick Lane, South Main Street

It’s rare that a restaurant boasts an entirely incredible menu, as well as stellar wings, but Brick Lane has nailed it all round. 

Their buffalo wings comes with your choice of sauces and go particularly well with their tornado fries.

Brick Lane

2. Coqbull, French Church Street

This whole restaurant is based around the beautiful art of cooking chicken, so you know these guys aren’t messing around. 

In here, they glaze them with either whiskey, buttermilk, blue cheese dressing, or BBQ sauce. And trust us, they’re absolutely whopper. 


3. Luigi Malone’s, Emmet Place

Known to Corkonians as the house of the greatest wings on Earth, Luigi Malones’ buffalo style wings are wholly deadly and super tasty. 

The restaurant is located close to the Opera House and boasts really slick decor, but it’s definitely the wings that take the limelight. 

Their food menu in general is also really reasonably priced too, which doesn’t hurt.

4. Cornstore, Cornmarket Street

For a slightly more upmarket wing experience, we’d recommend nowhere else but Cornstore on Cornmarket Street. Their wings are prepared in the traditional style and served with blue cheese dip – and they are nothing short of perfection (no exaggeration). 

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5. Scoozi, Winthrop Lane

Deadly staff, slick menu and life-changings chicken wings… What more could you ever ask for?

As welcoming as it is delicious, Scoozi is a favourite in Cork City with tourists and locals alike. Their customer base is as loyal as family, maybe due to the fact that their portion sizes are bleedin’ massive. 

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6. Wild West Wings, Washington Street

A wing institution if there ever was one.

This place goes all out in terms of delicious chicken, and if their name didn’t tempt you enough, then maybe their dishes will…

What you see before you are ‘cheesezilla’ wings. Smothered in mama sauce, cheddar and blue cheese. 

Excuse us while we plan our next visit here…

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Did we forget anywhere? Let us know in the comments.

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