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20th Dec 2016

7 Things You’ll Recognise If Your Cat Always Tries To Ruin Christmas

Alana Laverty

We’ve always been sceptical about cats around Christmas time…

You wake up to missing turkeys, stripped Christmas trees and shredded wrapped gifts… with only one feline to blame. 

Has your cat ever tried to sabotage Christmas? Because ours certainly has…

Here’s the proof:

1. They hate Christmas

And will do anything to destroy it. 

2. They fall asleep in the Christmas tree 

Lazy feckers. 

3. And then proceed to shift in front of the Christmas tree

Get a room. 

4. They treat Christmas trees as their worst enemies 

Shredding tinsel and sending baubles flying in all directions…

5. They hoard stolen Christmas decorations 

6. They don’t even pretend to like Christmas

Or hide the evidence…

7. And help themselves to Crimbo dinner without even asking

Or waiting for it to be cooked…

Has your cat ever tried to ruin Christmas?

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