Cork Has Been Named As The Best City For Correct Food Disposal

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Cork City residents are the very best in the country for segregating food waste. 

New figures state that people living in the Greater Cork Area have the highest rate of three-bin collections in the country.

A total of 83% of households in the city avail of a brown bin collection service, the coloured bin used for the disposal of food waste.

The lowest in the country is Donegal, with a shocking 0.23% of homes (131 in total) having a brown bin collection.

The figures are contained in a report by the National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC), a state body established in 2014 as a local authority watchdog.

NOAC figures show the total number of households with a three-bin services increased by 10% last year to 575,078 - meaning approximately a third of households across the country now segregate their food waste.

Still, just a third. 

Under the EU (Household Food Waste and Bio-waste) Regulations 2015, household waste collectors are required to provide a separate collection service for food waste from households in designated “brown bin” areas.

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