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04th Jun 2017

Every Irish Person Should Own A Hilarious Jumper From This Company

Alana Laverty

Nothing like a good geansaí in our bipolar climate. 

And yeah, sure, we could pop down to Dunnes or Penneys and get a lovely one there. 

But these particular jumpers have caught our eye. 

Nothing wrecks our head quite like seeing ridiculous American phrases sprawled across jumpers and t-shirts when we’re out shopping? 

Do I really want to wear a hoodie that says “Don’t Be Basic” on it? No, thank you. 

Behold, Large and in Charge… 

The company that is embracing our quirky, colloquial Irish phrases.

“Tell me this and tell me no more”

“Large and in Charge is a nod to humour, common sense and a touch of Irish culture, too. We Irish are very funny people who love to connect and talk.”

Lisa Regan, Large and in Charge

And these jumpers prove just that. 

Ara musha will you shtop

Is it yourself that’s in it?

Imagine the looks of total awe you would get wearing one of these to the office or to the gym. 



Ace of Base

Are they your own eyebrows?

Jaysus I’m kilt with the work

Jaysus I’m kilt with the heat

Ah shtop

Great weather sure it won’t last

Have you tried turning it on and off again?


Other phrases include “Mayo For Sam” and “The Boom is Back” but I’m sure if you ask real nicely they’ll put just about anything you want on a geansaí for ya! Get creative. 

Large and in Charge jumpers are available in every size from small to 2XL, are unisex and €45, delivered straight to your door!

There’s also the option to get t-shirts (€25) and racerback gym tops (€35). 

Bleedin’ deadly, check them out sure!

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