Here Are Just Some Of The Cheapest Properties On Sale In Ireland

Root down the back of the couch for pennies, you could buy yourself a house!

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They say property is always an investment - regardless of what kind of property. 

We really hope that is true, because some of these properties could definitely do with some tender love and care. But hey - an investment is an investment! 

Property is getting more expensive by the day, thanks to the aptly named 'Celtic Phoenix', but there are still some bargains out there!

Kilshane, Co. Tipperary (€10,000)

A confessed "derelict" building in Tipperary, but they do say that the setting is lovely! A major doer-upper here, as you can see, but for 10 grand, sure you would have loads of moolah left in the budget to turn it around!

The rest of the pictures are a must see if you are considering buying. Get them here.

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Cloghboola More, Millstreet, Co. Cork (€14,000)

A detached, one bed, one bath that comes with it's very own (admittedly unusable) petrol pump? We're sold! The petrol pump would make a lovely feature in the garden though... And a great talking point with the neighbours! 

See the rest of the property here. 

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Blean, Toomevara, Co. Tipperary (€15,000)

Another Tipperary house here; obviously Tipp is a hidden treasure for cheap property. The property is set over 484 square feet, on half an acre and is, once again, derelict. Still some serious wiggle room in that budget to do it up though! 

You can find the property here. 

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Cranmore, Carracastle, Co. Mayo (€20,000)

Sure a roof is well over-rated anyway. 

This lovely one bed sits on just under an acre of land, and it is in need of a lot of work, as seen by the collapsed roof. I think it adds character though! 

You can see the property here. 

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Ballinderry, Four Mile House, Co. Roscommon (€21,500)

We apologise for the picture quality on this one. We are presuming this photo was taken back when the house was originally built... in 1176. 

If you squint your eyes and tilt your head slightly to the left, you can see that this one bed detached house actually has a lot of potential. 

You can see this property here. 

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House Type A, Ballyoughtra Heights, Milltown, Co. Kerry (€1)

No that isn't a typo. I seriously just wrote €1. This might just be the deal of the century. Go splits with your mates and only pay 25c! 

I am 99.9% sure that this has to be a mistake by the lovely people at Daft... but a girl can dream. 

You could buy this house for just a little more than a Freddo bar, think about it! 

You can see this house here.

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