Here Are The 15 Funniest Irish Tweets From The Last Week



Irish people have taken to Twitter like duck to water, and due to our national humour being as dry as an Irish Summer is wet.

It's all been a marriage made in cyber heaven, really.

Here's just a few examples of how this holy matrimony has gone down over the past few days.

1. Irish problems with @Harry_Birdboy

2. Forward planning with @aifreckle

3. Bad timing with @aoiph

4. The important questions with @ciara_knight

5. Religion with @foreveralowen

6. Public transport with @neasaconneally

7. Something old, something new with @ConorOToole

8. Colloquialisms with @EmerTheScreamer

9. Flirting with @TVsCarlKinsella

10. Family with @InfiniteJess

11. Science with @MustardCreams

12. Patriotism with @fuchsiamacaree

13. Modern romance with @AisMullins

14. Social lives with @KevinJuly

15. Politics with @STEdotie

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Kate Demolder

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