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20th Dec 2016

Here Are The Most Expensive (And Cheapest) Countries For Alcohol In The EU


This statistic may or may not surprise you at all, but Ireland has the most expensive alcohol prices in the EU, according to new European report. 

This Eurostat report states that booze in The Emerald Isle costs a whopping 175% over the EU average, making it the most expensive in the whole EU.

Ireland is the most expensive EU state for alcohol, Finland came second (172% above the average), and in third place is the UK (163% above the average).

On the other hand, the cheapest countries for booze are Bulgaria (64% of the EU average), Romania is in the second cheapest, (72%) and Hungary is in third place (74%).

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The report also revealed that Ireland also has the second highest tobacco prices in the EU (with first place going to the United Kingdom) and is the third most expensive country in which to buy the basics – i.e. milk, cheese and eggs.

For the full stats from the report, click here.

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