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26th Dec 2016

LISTEN: To This Breathtaking Version of Hallelujah By An Irish Child With Autism


This has just taken our breath away. 

This video was posted by user NewBuzz just a few days ago, with a different yet hauntingly beautiful take on the ever-popular Leonard Cohen song Hallelujah. 

What’s even more beautiful, is the story behind its little star. 

The description below reads:

Kayleigh Rogers, an autistic schoolgirl 10 years presenting a disorder attention deficit with or without Hyperactivity (ADHD), realizes a moving cover of the song “Hallelujah”, of the late Canadian singer Leonard Cohen, with the school choir Killard House during a Christmas show at Donaghadee, Northern Ireland. 

Moved by the delivery of the little girl, the Director of the school, Colin Millar, said: “for a child who arrived at our House speaking almost not, by reading that very rarely in high voices in the classroom, go on stage and sing in front of an audience is incredible.”

What a voice, what determination, and what an incredible support system surrounds these talented little children. 

We’re in bits. 

You guys sounds PHENOMENAL. 

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