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17th Jun 2017

PIC: There Is An Irish Pub In Budapest Called Longford And We Can’t Entirely Believe It


What a time to be a Longfordian!

The Guinness-filled haven is located on Fehérhajó u. 5, Budapest, Hungary, 1052, and is a favourite with locals and tourists alike. 

Off the beaten track, this place is definitely a good haunt to perch in if you’re in Hungary for a match. 

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The establishment has received mixed reviews from all of its punters, but surely it’s worth getting a picture with ‘LONGFORD’ written in lights above alone, no?!

They also have a selection of delicious Irish-style grub on the menu, meaning you can tuck into two meat and veg, while slurping on some pretty good Guinness. 

Not too shabby.

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