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14th Feb 2017

PICS: This Irish Doggy Daycare Valentine’s Party Is Exactly What You Need Today


Valentine’s Day is good for one thing and one thing alone.

Flowers? Nope.

Chocolates? Nope.

Love? Noooope.

That’s right, you guessed it. Doggy love-themed photoshoots. Of course.

Check out these gorjjj shots sent into us by the lovely bunch at The Doggie Lodge in Rathnew, County Wicklow. 

This little puppy is so love-struck

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And this little puppy is so fluuuuffy

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This little puppy makes our eyes water

Screen Shot 2017 02 14 At 15 35 05

And this little puppy’s seen real truth

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This little puppy makes us happy

10/10 would pet until we fell asleep.

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And this little puppy makes us gasp audibly

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This little puppy is our new best friend

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And this puppy is the one that holds the key to our hearts


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Look at them all dressed up and dreamy – it’s like they’re saying Happy Valentine’s Day to each and every one of us. 

What a time to be alive!

Thanks to The Doggie Lodge for sending in the perfect pooch imagery.