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20th Dec 2016

You CAN Already Get ‘Pokémon Go’ On iPhone In Ireland – Here’s A Simple Step-By-Step Guide


It would be something of an understatement to say Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm.

In less than a week since its release, it’s got almost as many daily active users as Twitter – and even though it’s not yet been released in Ireland,it’s already created an absolute sensation here.

That’s largely down to Android users, who are able to download the app by selecting the option to accept non-Google-approved apps. But for iOS users, it all seemed a little bit more tricky.

Until now.

There is, it seems, a way to download the Pokémon Go app from the official App Store without needing to resort to anything dodgy.

We’ve broken it into a step-by-step guide here – and while we just carried it out with zero ramifications, we do have to emphasise that if you do this, it’s all at your own risk!

1. In Settings > General, change your phone location to the US

You can find this under ‘Language and Region’ in the General section.


2. Next, sign out of your existing iTunes account

You’ll need to do this twice – once under the iTunes and Apps section in General, and again under the iCloud section.

3. Create a new iTunes account in the iCloud section in General

You don’t need an additional email address for this – you can create one as part of the process. You WILL have to answer some annoying security questions, but HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT THIS, EH?


4. Sign into the iTunes store with your new account, and set the location to the United States


5. Set billing options to ‘None’ and enter an address

You may be able to enter an Irish address for this, but we just made one up to be sure. Be sure it’s not a real address – be sound, like.


6. Success!

You can now download the game.


7. Once the game is downloaded, you can reinstate your original iCloud settings

Just repeat the steps above, logging out of both iCloud and iTunes, then log back in with your original Apple ID.

8. Go wild

At this point, I should admit that I have no idea what the game actually entails. But all those millions of people can’t be wrong… right?