The 12 Funniest Irish Tweets Of The Week

''If Blake Lively doesn't call her new baby Fairly then what is the actual point''

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You've only gone and done it again, Twitter.

Making our job easy once more, you've slayed us via the wonders of your minds. We thank you, we love you and now we're showing you off for all the world to see. 

Keep doing what you're doing.

1. Tragedy

2. This educated guess

 3. This innocent message sent out by An Garda Síochána

4. This long-awaited confession

Finally, it all makes sense.

5. A novel, by Ireland on a Sunday morning

6. Life imitates art

7. Customer service

8. Real talk

9. Missed opportunities

10. Britney's first night out

11. Twitter before twitter was

12. And finally, Marty Whelan with the news

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