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20th Dec 2016

The 12 Most Irish Things To Happen this Week


We may be a small country, but we’re a great one. And that is encapsulated so clearly by our intricate sense of humour. 

Difficult to explain, and harder to emulate, there’s a certain knack to it that we’re not even certain of… It’s been a good week for our gas personal brand – so check some of these out

1. Not fancying your date because you’d already fallen for the bartender

They provide us with charm, laughter and delicious nectar.

2. This makeshift bus stop

Spotted in Galway.

Cho Iud Qweaeyusw

3. This classic example of Dublinese

4. This politician’s rant on climate change

“God above is in charge of the weather and we here can’t do anything about it”

5. And Ryanair’s reply to it…

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6. This group of hoodlums causing ruckus

Rules are meant to be broken.

Br Z1Fw Dciaavda8

7. The new sign in Dublin Airport’s Arrivals Hall

8. This important news interruption

Screen Shot 2016 05 06 At 15 18 17

Photo cred:

9. This terrifying warning sign


10. This headline from The Independent

Screen Shot 2016 05 06 At 15 39 06

Photo cred:

11. This gripping piece of writing from The Wicklow People

”Just like an animal waking up from hibernation your garden is also waking up and just like an animal it is waking up hungry.”

Screen Shot 2016 05 06 At 15 48 43

Photo cred:

12. And this accurate depiction of Ireland during a warm spell

Slowly, but surely, losing the run of ourselves.

Chx E Gu Uuaaqf K0

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