The 13 Funniest Worldwide Tweets This Week

"Accidentally opened Internet Explorer and ruined my whole life"

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We love Twitter. And we love you guys. 

You do all the work, make us laugh and make us look pretty good in the process. So thanks for that. 

You guys are sound.

1. Childlike innocence with @MissBrittHayes

2. Immigration with @BabyAnimalPics

3. A Cinderella story with @officialoreen

4. Life imitates art with @ESCSamuel

5. Parenting with @HClaytonWright

6. IMPORTANCE with @mallelis

7. Politics is not dead with @AlexJamesFitz

8. Turn down for fruits with @nasatrash

9. Back to the future with @JadeHayden

10. The perfection that is @NoContextLouis

11. Modern day sorcery with @notjohnmorrin

12. The eternal struggle with @infinityonhi

13. And finally, a pun masterclass by @HausOfLucas

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