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03rd Jul 2017

The Definitive History Of Internet Memes From 2007 To 2017

Rebecca Stafford

The human race has come a long way since we started getting furiously ‘Rick-Rolled’ a decade a go.

Nowadays, memes are shared freely through a number of different social networks and they are just as much part of our routine as a cup of coffee or daily commute.

Behold, a definite history of internet memes:

Rickrolling (2007)

Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ became the biggest meme of 2007 and 2008 when it was linked to being a trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV on 4chan. By early 2008 ‘Rickrolling’ was the number one google search.

LOL Cats (2008)

This was another 4chan meme which consisted of the second (after doggos) cutest thing out there. These cute photos showed cats with cute and funny captions and were a big part of the internet.

Rage Comics (2008)

Yet again another 4chan meme, the rage comics has iconic memes like Forever Alone, FFFUUU Guy. These memes are probably the longest lasting memes out there starting in 2008 and not dying until about 2012. 

2012 Memes

Who could possibly forget 2012 memes? 

Bad Luck Brian, Overly Attached Girlfriend, and Grumpy Cat, need I say more?

Doge Memes (2013)

Doge memes are singlehandedly the greatest meme we’ve been graced with as human beings, 4 years later these memes are still gaining popularity and evolving to doggos and puppers.

Nobody really knows how these memes came about but whoever blessed us with them I will be eternally grateful.

2013 Memes

2013 was the year people really recognised memes for their worth. There was twerking, the Harlem Shake, What does the fox say, video memes were at its peak here.

2014 Memes

2014 was a scary year, Luis Suarez bit someone and we were all convinced that it was the start of a zombie apocalypse.

But 2014 did have its perks such a Kim Kardashian’s iconic Paper magazine cover, Pharell’s hat that was bigger than the spire and probably the only 2014 meme still used today – Kermit the frog ‘that’s none of my business’ 

2015 Memes

2015, the year of vines, brought us the art that is the Netflix and chill meme and ‘Why you always lying.’ Unfortunately, Vine shut down earlier this year and only some vines were kept but you can find the funniest on Youtube.

2016 Memes

Who could forget 2016? The year of the USA presidential election where everybody and anybody believed that Ted Cruz was the Zodiac killer, and theres was classics like ‘bone app the teeth.’


2017 the year of the memes – some of the funniest memes are the Redbone remixes and white guy blinking and obviously, there are plenty more memes to come.

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