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24th Dec 2016

These Are The Board Games That Are Least Likely To End In A Fight This Christmas


Christmas is supposedly to be about spending time with your family and friends. Somehow society has conditioned us to believe that board games are an ideal way to do so.

But we all know that Monopoly equals war and Cluedo means catastrophe. So how can we enjoy a little Christmas competition without it turning into a festive fight?

Here is a list of the board games you should prioritise to keep the peace during the holiday season.

1. Cranium

You’ll be laughing so much at your mum trying to act out ‘parallel parking’ that you won’t realise that you’re not catching up to them on the leaderboard any time soon.

And they even have a Glee version!

2. Cards Against Humanity

This game is most definitely not suitable for the kids but if you want a good laugh then this highly insulting and extremely non-politically correct game is a howl to avoid those Christmas tensions.

3. Twister

Not exactly a board game and not recommended to be played after the dinner considering the amount of stretching and peculiar positions it involves, but nevertheless a solid choice for a peaceful portion of Christmas gaming fun.

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5. Articulate

The modern day Charades, Articulate, involves players attempting to describe a word or phrase without saying the word or a word that rhymes with it.

This sometimes impossible game lends itself to a lot of laughs and hours of fun fight-free.

Articulate Board Game

6. What Do You Meme?

Fresh to the gaming world, What Do You Meme? is for those who are a fan of a spicy meme. Similar to Cards Against Humanity, it gives players a chance to respond to a photo with the best caption in an attempt to create the dankest meme.

Screen Shot 2016 12 20 At 12 10 41

7. Jenga

I’ve never ever heard of players getting into a fight whilst playing Jenga. How can a pile of wooden cuboids falling over possibly anger a group of people?

Play Jenga this Christmas and remain on good terms with your loved ones.

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