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20th Dec 2016

This Incredibly Generous Man Is Using His Air Miles To Buy Strangers Plane Tickets Home For Christmas


Frequent flier, Peter Shankman, is most generously offering to help out those in need to get home to their families for Christmas, using his impressive spare air miles.

Shakman estimates he has flown about 350,000 miles this year, while travelling the world, and after handing them out to his friends and family, he thought he would try to help some people out who can’t afford a flight home for the festive season. 

In a super sweet post on reputable image-sharing site Imgur, which then exploded after being linked onto his personal Twitter, Peter stated:

I’d like to send at least two, (hopefully three or four or more) Imgurians home for the holidays this year, because I like making people smile.

However, there’s a catch. 

The flights must be within the US, and available on a United Airlines flight. And, to be in with a chance of the incredible prize – users must create a post on Imgur saying why they should be the one to nab the flight. 

So, how will the chosen ones be chosen? 

The Imgur community can ‘upvote’ their favourite posts, and the most popular ones win. Simples. 

Looks like 2016 isn’t too bad after all. 

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