This Limerick Café Responded To A Teen Leaving Their Weed Behind Perfectly

That's Limerick Cityyyyy...

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Keeping track of your weed supply can certainly be the most troubling of affairs.

Or so this person must've thought, as they left quite a hefty amount behind them, along with a box of Amber Leaf, in The Stormy Teacup in Limerick.

Baffled by the findings, they decided to post it up on Facebook to find the rightful owner.

And treat them a lesson... 

We have 6 different green teas here at Stormy - no need to bring your own  #idiot #lostandfound

The post has been quite a hit in Limerick City since it was posted on Monday, but it has not yet been confirmed if the owner skulked back to the cafe to pick up what was rightfully theirs.

Awkward enough.

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