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20th Dec 2016

Violated, Disgusted And Let Down – Twitter Reacts To The Spending Scandal At Suicide Charity Console


We haven’t been short on charity scandals in Ireland over the past few years.

A sad statement to make, but a painfully true one.

Every time, we say it’s the final nail in the coffin – and yet, every time the inherently charitable nature of the Irish people seems to carry us through. The sector recovers, we all move on

In the wake of last night’s Prime Time report on Console, however, there is a palpable feeling that we’ve crossed a point of no return.

Founder Paul Kelly, along with his wife and son, spent almost half a million euro of the charity’s money on personal expenses – from cars, designer clothes and travel to Rugby World Cup tickets.

And the reaction on Twitter has been a mixture of sadness, anger and a sorry sense of futility.

Unsurprising when you look at the numbers

The predominant feeling is one of pure anger

Along with disgust at the family itself

Unsurprisingly, many feel deeply let down

While there’s a growing sense of frustration in the wake of other similar scandals

The public is sickened…

And you can’t really blame them.