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11th Dec 2017

Find Out How Common Your Name Is In Ireland With This Handy Online Tool


It might seem that the stereotypical Irish names have always been and will always be ‘Mary’ or ‘Seamus’, or some other Paddywhackery lark, but turns out they’re not very common at all these days. 

Baby Names of Ireland tracks the popularity of baby names in this country over the past 50 years, so you can see just how unique your namesake really is. 

While Mary, Catherine, and Margaret came out on top in 1964, they didn’t even make the top 10 in 2016 (top spots last year went to Emily, Grace and Ava).

As for the fellas, popular names 50 years ago were John, Patrick and Michael while James, Jack and Conor are the go-to boys names of late.

Seems like even Enda Kenny didn’t put a dampener on the name choices, as three people named their little baby boys Enda last year. Aw. 

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