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Fire Up The BBQ – Ireland’s Set For A Mini-Heatwave This Bank Holiday Weekend

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We were all spoiled rotten with the sunshine the other week, so the recent return to having to wear a jacket during the day has the entire country itching for some good weather news again. 

Well, stop fretting and start planning for a sun-soaked bank holiday weekend because Met Eireann is predicting a mini-heatwave from Friday. 

Let those sweet words wash over you like a warm breeze: Mini. HEATWAVE. 

Met Eireann forecaster Gerry Murphy told The Irish Independent that the weather will take a turn for the better this Thursday, with highs of 19 degrees over the weekend.

“On Friday and the weekend, temperatures will begin to improve with highs of 19 degrees. Temperatures will be highest in Leinster, Munster and east Ulster.

“It will remain mainly dry throughout the weekend with a fair amount of dry weather.”

So get ready for a whole weekend of this…

Best news ever of a Monday?

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