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02nd Jan 2019

A Flat White From This Popular Coffee Chain Has More Caffeine Than Three Red Bulls

Kiara Keane

If you’re in need of a serious caffeine kick today, then it sounds like a drink from this coffee chain will definitely do the trick.

A new report has found that Costa Coffee has the highest levels of caffeine in their regular sized drinks out of all the high street chains.

One of their flat whites contains 277mg of caffeine, three times more than a 250ml can of Red Bull which has 80mg.

The research from Caffeine Informer also found that Café Nero has one of the lowest levels, coming in at 84mg, while a Starbucks flat white has 150mg.

Their espressos all had fairly similar caffeine levels, with Costa coming in at 92mg, Café Nero at 84mg and Starbucks at 75mg.

The recommended daily caffeine intake for an adult is 400mg so you’re still well within your limits if you do decide to go for a Costa flat white.

It might just be exactly what we need to get us through being back in work after Christmas and New Year…

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